EMDR Intensives


Our bespoke Intensive EMDR programs are an integration of evidence-based approaches to facilitate rapid and more effective process of relieving traumatic symptoms and increasing resilience.

Over the past few years, new insights into trauma’s impact on the body, brain, and relationships have spawned a range of new approaches to treatment. Many of these modalities can be considered fundamental shifts from earlier therapeutic models. Our central focus in development and delivery of Intensive Programs, reflects these new approaches.

Our intensive programs focus on body-oriented therapies including EMDR, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), Neurofeedback, Holotropic Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma-focused Mindfulness Practice (TFMP)

Past Intensives, following client evaluation and assessment, have also included: Macrobiotic & Genetic Testing, Biofeedback, Nutritional & Sleep Therapy, Vitamin NAD IV Therapy, IFS Therapy and Addiction support.

These evidence-based Intensive EMDR programs are designed to help clients in addressing trauma, anxiety, phobia, resilience, peak performance and other behavioural issues, whilst offering them a chance to flourish and grow. Intensive programs are designed to help clients process traumatic memories in a shorter period of time, typically delivered over the course of a few days, with the client receiving multiple sessions per day. The goal of an EMDR intensive is to help the individual process their traumatic memories in a shorter period of time, which can help them to move on from historic disturbing events more quickly.

Our EMDR intensive programs are, above all, highly personalised and tailored. We work closely with clients to ensure that all elements of the program are designed to their specific needs and that the process is as healing, effective and comfortable as possible.