Our services online

In response to Covid-19 much NHS and independently provided psychological therapy has been provided online. We are now providing remote based, online provision for all our services, including EMDR.  

EMDR therapy has been effectively delivered online for many years. A 2013 study of internet-delivered EMDR for PTSD demonstrated this approach to be effective for a variety of clients (Spence et al, 2013). Our online priority is to create a safe and contained space to work with you and support trauma resolution, using proven and evaluated methods. If you’re currently struggling and the choice is no EMDR and EMDR online, then certainly EMDR online is the better choice.

Working online can remove barriers to EMDR, Mindfulness and other therapies. It enables us to offer support to those who could not otherwise access it. People who live in remote locations, far from public transport, people who are agoraphobic, or people who find face-to-face meetings so anxiety provoking that they can’t get to appointments. 

In last the last year we’ve found that with some courage, willingness and desire to innovate, our online services, including EMDR, can be effective and beneficial. In the midst of fear and isolation, we are learning that profound change is possible.  Maybe during catastrophe, we better understand the power of community, and what we can achieve together.