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EMDR in the Treatment of Medically Unexplained Symptoms: A Systematic Review

YANDA R. VAN ROOD & CARLIJN DE ROOS –  This systematic review presents evidence for the effectiveness of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) in the treatment of a diverse range of medically unexplained symptoms (MUS). Theoretical underpinning, variations in interventions, methodological issues, and outcomes are discussed, and implications for future research and clinical practice are presented. Considering

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Francine Shapiro Obituary

PENNY WARREN | 15 JULY 2019 | THE GUARDIAN –  The American psychologist Francine Shapiro, who has died aged 71, devised the form of therapy known as eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR). Having started out as an English teacher, she summed up her life’s work with William Blake’s line: “For the eye altering alters all.” EMDR, which

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The relationship between mental and physical health: Insights from the study of heart rate variability

ANDREW H.KEMP & DANIEL S. QUINTANA Here we review our recent body of work on the impact of mood and comorbid anxiety disorders, alcohol dependence, and their treatments on heart rate variability(HRV), a psychophysiological marker of mental and physical wellbeing. We have shown that otherwise healthy, unmedicated patients with these disorders display reduced resting-state HRV, and that pharmacological treatments do not ameliorate these reductions.

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Neurotransmitters: The critical modulators regulating gut-brain axis

RAHUL MITTAL, LUCA H. DEBS, AMIT P. PATEL, DESIREE NGUYEN, KUNAL PATEL, GREGORY O’CONNOR, M’HAMED GRATI, JEENU MITTAL, DENISE YAN, ADRIEN A. ESHRAGHI, SAPNA K. DEO, SYLVIA DAUNERT AND XUE ZHONG LIU | It has recently become evident that the gut microbiota has the ability to influence physiological aspects of the body, including a direct communication to

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