A note for therapists, doctors, drug and alcohol counsellors as well as other professionals who routinely work with groups with a high prevalence of traumatic experience.

It’s common for clients to get stuck in conventional therapy. Sometimes a client stops progressing, or even begins backsliding. In cases where drugs and talk therapy have not been fully effective, we offer proven alternatives and ways to help the toughest of clients overcome resistance, in its many forms.

In many cases trauma is misunderstood by both clients and professionals. Clients experiencing trauma disorder symptoms, often don’t know what exactly is going on for them and we all agree that application of more holistic, integrative and innovative treatments and improvement in availability of services are needed.

We aim to provide a platform for a more comprehensive approach, including earlier recognition of the acute and lingering effects of trauma as well as alternative and proven tools and ideas for development of personal resilience and increased self-regulation.

As well as one-to-one, we work with clients in small trauma assessment groups and where trauma is focused, using EMDR group protocols. This has given us insight as to the extent EMDR, Mindfulness and focused yoga practice may be effectively integrated with other therapies or used in small amounts in conjunction with long term psychotherapy.

Our intensive weekend programs offer a combination of several EMDR sessions, trauma focused mindfulness exercises and trauma focused bodywork with emphasis on stability, grounding and, where possible, positive resource activation. Our four-week introduction to mindfulness courses are addiction and depression specific, focusing on core meditation, bodywork and awareness, emphasising acceptance of present experience, gradual application of home practice and introduction of self-care, support and lifestyle balance.

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